die Plastizität des Entwurf

"A sketch [entwurf], Heidegger says, a term for which one retains above all the meaning of jet (werfen- "throwing, casting), of projection toward what continues to come [le non-advenu], leaving in shadow the value of the mark, the tracing out, the form in the process of forming itself.

To exist is to sketch oneself."

-  Jean-Luc Nancy

"There is a Drawing when some trace 
without place 
creates as its place 
an empty surface.

That is exactly the problem of Drawing. 
In one sense, the paper exists, as a material support, 
as a closed totality; and the marks, or the lines, do not exist by themselves: 
they have to compose something inside the paper. 

But in an other and more crucial sense, 
the paper as a background does not exist, 
because it is created as such, as an open surface, by the marks. 

It is that sort of movable reciprocity between 
existence and inexistence which constitutes the very essence of Drawing. 

The question of Drawing is very different from the question in Hamlet. 
It is not “to be or not to be,” it is “to be and not to be.” 
And that is the reason for the fundamental fragility of Drawing: not a clear alternative, to be or not to be, but an obscure and paradoxical conjunction, to be and not to be. 

Or, as Deleuze would say: a disjunctive synthesis."

- Alain Badiou

[disjunctive synthesis]

En un mundo al revés,
los canales contienen neuronas.
[analogía morfológica]


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