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In a broad sense, the German word "Widerstand" can be translated as "resistance" or "opposition." It refers to the act or state of resisting or opposing something, whether it be a physical force, an idea, a political regime, or any other form of opposition.


The etymology of "Widerstand" can be broken down as follows:
- "Wider-" is a prefix that conveys the idea of "against" or "opposite."
- "-stand" is a noun-forming suffix derived from the verb "stehen," meaning "to stand."

Therefore, "Widerstand" can be understood as something that stands against or opposes. It implies an active stance taken to counteract or impede a force or influence.

In the field of psychology and psychoanalysis, "Widerstand" specifically refers to the resistance encountered during the therapeutic process. It represents the unconscious defenses and barriers that individuals may exhibit as they resist exploring or confronting certain aspects of their thoughts, emotions, or experiences. Addressing and working through this resistance is an essential part of psychoanalytic treatment.

Overall, "Widerstand" encompasses a wide range of meanings, from physical resistance to opposition in various contexts, including psychological resistance in psychoanalytic theory and practice.

In psychoanalysis, the term "durcharbeiten" refers to the process of working through or elaborating on unconscious material or unresolved conflicts within the therapeutic setting. It involves the systematic exploration and analysis of unconscious thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences to gain insight and promote psychological growth.

"Durcharbeiten" can be understood as a dynamic and active engagement with the unconscious content that arises during the psychoanalytic treatment. It entails examining and processing the hidden or repressed aspects of the patient's psyche, often with the guidance of the psychoanalyst.

The process of "durcharbeiten" aims to bring previously unconscious material into conscious awareness, allowing the patient to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, motivations, and patterns of behavior. Through this process, unresolved conflicts, traumas, and internalized experiences can be explored, analyzed, and ultimately integrated into the patient's conscious self.

It is important to note that "durcharbeiten" is a term specifically used within the framework of psychoanalysis and has a nuanced meaning within that context. It signifies the in-depth exploration and working through of unconscious material with the goal of psychological transformation and healing.

widerstand-durcharbeiten; schranke-kontakt


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