"Ion channels are integral membrane proteins that generate electrical activity by opening/closing a [pore] at their center to control the flow of ions into-and-out of cells."

The German verb "aufnehmen" is a versatile word that can indeed mean both "to record" and "to receive," depending on the context. This seeming dual meaning can be understood through the underlying concepts the verb encompasses.

1. **To Record**: In the context of recording, "aufnehmen" can refer to capturing sound, images, or data, often with the intention of preserving or storing it for future use. When you record something, you are "taking in" information and storing it for playback or reference. This sense of "capturing" or "taking in" aligns with the idea of receiving and preserving external stimuli. Think of it as the act of "receiving and retaining" information or content.

2. **To Receive**: In the context of receiving, "aufnehmen" can refer to the action of taking something in, whether it's a person, an idea, or an object. When you receive something, you are "taking in" or accepting it. This sense of "taking in" aligns with the idea of receiving someone or something into a particular space, group, or situation.

The common thread between these two meanings is the concept of "taking in" or "accepting" something, whether it's information, data, a person, or an object. This notion of "taking in" forms the basis for both senses of the verb "aufnehmen."

It's important to note that many words in language carry multiple related meanings based on shared concepts, and context plays a crucial role in determining the specific interpretation. In the case of "aufnehmen," the various meanings are unified by the overarching concept of "taking in" or "accepting."


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